If you have not yet heard the lovely voice of Say Anise, you are in for quite the delight” - TM


Say Anise is folk-pop artist Emily Barnett. With acoustic-guitar and harmony led arrangements, there is a definite 60s/70s Laurel Canyon influence to her music, combined with echoes of the alt-pop she was surrounded by growing up. A lover of collaboration and a natural harmoniser, due in part to her Celtic roots, she can often be found providing backing vocals for fellow singer-songwriters such as Hux and Easymess, when not busy with her own original project.

She self-released her debut EP, 'Say What You Want', in 2021, followed by a successful Kickstarter campaign in February 2022 to raise funds towards the recording of her next EP, which is due for release in 2023. So far she has released three singles from this EP, 'Hurry Honeypie',  'The Sea' and most recently 'Wide Open'.