About Say Anise

Say Anise is Cambridge-born London-raised singer-songwriter Emily Barnett. Whether joined by her band or going solo, playing songs that are sometimes upbeat and at other times melancholic, it is her vocals that draw the listener in again and again. 

Brought up by musician parents, she played the violin in various orchestras and sang in choirs before picking up the guitar for the first time as a teenager. She joined a band and played the London circuit for a bit, but it was only after graduating from university, having discovered the music of Joni Mitchell and other folk musicians, that she began to take songwriting more seriously. 

She has spent the last few years writing and gigging extensively, during which time she met a community of like minded singer-songwriters, including her current band members, whom she can often be found providing backing vocals for. Her influences range from the 60s/70s California folk scene to the music her dad listened to while she was growing up (David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Kate Bush), as well as more contemporary acts like Zero 7, Lisa Hannigan, and London band Flyte. 

Her debut EP, ’Say What You Want’ was released on 22/01/2021.

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